Brilliant Bookshops



We see a man in loose fitting clothes and a beanie hat walk purposefully into frame. He address the camera which follows him as he walks


Aren’t bookshops brilliant? I mean, they’re shops and they’ve

got loads of books in them, that you can look at and buy. Imagine

that. And not just one book but loads and loads of different

ones. Like ones with big pictures, or ones about what it’d be

like to rob a bank, or cook a meal, or go on holiday, or something

brilliant like that. And they’re run by people who know loads

about books and what sort of books you’d like if you

like books about cars or superheroes but don’t like

books about wizards or hats. And they pay their taxes,

which will be spent on the NHS, or housing, or prisons or

paying off the national debt or something like that. Some

bookshops have got coffee that you can buy and drink while

you read the brilliant book you’ve bought. Some can organise

school vists from brilliant authors or do bookclubs where

you can read a book and then chat about it with other people

who’ve also read the book. BRILLIANT!

For a list of over 1000 independent bookshops in the UK and across the world then please go here…