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Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome and welcome again, my name’s Matt and I write stories (did I say welcome?).

Come in, come in, take off your coat, have a good look around and do ask if you need to know anything. Help yourself to milk from the fridge and biscuits from the tin. Okay, start clicking and have a great time.

Matt’s events are energetic, very funny and loved by audiences. He really interacts with the kids, engaging them with an infectious sense of humour.
— Janet Smyth - Edinburgh International Book Festival, Children & Education Programme Director
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I’d give Compton Valance 6 out of 5, or 11 out of 10! I’d say it’s even better than Diary of the Wimpy Kid.
— Will, aged 9


Large print and plenty of illustrations make it fun for newly developing or reluctant readers and everyone else as well
— Primary Times
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Have you ever heard a Word Monkey?

You know when you find someone who loves the same things that you do and all you want to do is talk to them all day about the things you both love..? Well, I’m like that about writing and reading books. I love actually writing and reading books AND I love talking about writing and reading books too. That is why I have started a podcast called The Word Monkeys. I go and chat to authors that I really like about how they write and why they write and what they like to munch on while they’re writing.

For those who might enjoy being grossed out whilst considering the implications of time travel, it’s genius. It’s great to read a book with a story which will engage more gifted readers, but that also acknowledges they might actually still want to read about yucky stuff.
— Books-a-go-go-go-go-go

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Matt Brown engages brilliantly with pupils and students – he manages to be both funny and encouraging, drawing everyone in the room into his sessions.
— Jim Sells - National Literacy Trust, Premier League Reading Stars Programme Manager
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