Dreaming Author Dreams

There is a small window of time, a magical, golden space where authors dream. For me, it begins the day that my book comes back from the printers, which is usually about a month before publication. This month is the month for dreaming author dreams. I dream about getting a call from my publisher to congratulate me on the book topping the New York Times Bestseller List. I dream about Steven Spielberg turning the book into an amazing movie. I dream of appearing on the One Show to talk about my books where Alex Jones laughs at all my jokes and Matt Baker throws to the next item, which is about a candles shaped like animals. This month is glorious because everything is possible.

Then, when the book is published, I wait, with nervous anticipation of what people will think. Sometimes, a book can be published and, for one reason or another, no one really notices much. But there are times when your book, your funny little story, will be noticed and some of those author dreams come true. This has happened in a modest, but lovely, way with my latest books, Aliens Invaded My Talent Show and Mutant Zombies Cursed My School Trip. They have been getting really great reviews and have been rocketing up the charts. Sadly, the One Show hasn’t been in touch just yet, but I have another book coming out soon so I’ll keep on dreaming author dreams. Thank you.