Become a Book Reviewer!

Did you know that you can review and rate books?  Did you know that you have the magnificent power in your grasp to let other, like-minded book lovers know what books you LOVE?

Well, you do!

If you buy your books from a local, independent bookshop then why don’t you email them and let them know what you think.  They’d love to hear from you and some even write up customer reviews on chalkboards or little bits of card that they stick by the books.  I know that having recommendations really helps whenever I go in to buy a book.  By the way, if you want to find your nearest local, independent bookshop then you can visit this awesome website

You can also review books online too.

For example, if you liked my first book COMPTON VALANCE THE MOST POWERFUL BOY IN THE UNIVERSE, then you could biff along to the Waterstone’s website and leave a review there (in fact, if you do it quickly you’d be the very first person)!

If you thought my second book, COMPTON VALANCE THE TIME TRAVELLING SANDWICH BITES BACK, was the bees knees, then why not go and give it a star rating on the Amazon page.

Or maybe, you have just read the third Compton Valance Book, SUPER F.A.R.T.S VERSUS THE MASTER OF TIME and think it’s just about the best thing you’ve ever read.  Then why not go to the Usborne website and click on the READER REVIEW tab and leave a write-up there.

If you do any, or all, of these things it would make a MASSIVE difference to how many other people get to hear about my stories.  I shall say “thank you” now and send you off, pen and keyboard in hand, to exercise the power you have at your fingertips.  Go, go now and review, rate, rate and review.